Prospective Students:

Prospective post-doctoral fellows and Ph.D. students with a strong background in deep learning (and NLP) are welcome to get in touch. You can show a strong background with prior training and publications. Before you contact me, please (1) check our recent publications, (2) be sure to include a CV with a link to your GitHub, and (3) provide a high-level description of one or two initial projects you plan to work on (this can change). The key here is (a) to be a good fit and (b) show potential. Students can be based in UBC CS (where I co-supervise), Linguistics, or School of Information. Please note I am not able to take Ph.D. students with no prior experience in machine learning. Previous experience with NLP is a plus.

M.Sc. students already in UBC who are interested in opportunities in my lab are also welcome to get in touch. In addition, we have several opportunities for UBC undergraduate students, usually with strong CS background and/or interest in working with social data.

Current Post-Doctoral Fellows:
– AbdelRahim Elmadany
– ElMoetaz-Billah Nagoudi

Current Ph.D. Students:
– Weirui Chen (Linguistics, supervisor)
– Ganesh Jawahar (CS, Ph.D. Track, co-supervisor with Laks Lakshmanan)
– Chiyu Zhang (iSchool, supervisor)
– Ife Adebara (Linguistics, co-supervisor with Rose-Marie D├ęchaine)
– Arthur Marquez (CS, committee member with Gail Murphy)
– Nathaniel Payne (iSchool, committee member with Victoria Lemieux)

Current MS.C./MA Students:
– Peter Sullivan (iSchool)

Current Student Collaborators:
– Ali Alshehri (Ph.D., Linguistics, University at Buffalo; now with Apple)
– Tariq Alhindi (Ph.D., CS, Columbia University)
– Firas Sabbah (Ph.D., CS, University of Duisburg-Essen)
– Rudra Saha (M.Sc. CS, UBC, supervisor Laks Lakshmanan)
– Pramit Saha (M.Sc. ECE, UBC, supervisor Sidney Fels)

– Sylvester Li (Mathematics)

Previous Students:

– Michael Przystupa (CS, co-supervised with Mark Schmidt; now Ph.D. student at the University of Alberta)
– Kaili Vesik (Linguistics, committee with Hotze Rullmann; now Ph.D. student at UBC)
– Arun Rajendan (M.Sc. UBC, Mathematcis; now in the industry)
– Hassan AlHuzali (iSchool, UBC; now Ph.D. student in the University of Manchester)
– Mohamed ElAraby (iSchool, UBC; now data scientist at Microsoft)